Start Your Blog for free in under five minutes. Be bold, be creative, be you! You have content the world is just waiting to be exposed to. Below are a couple of ways to get you started.

What You Will Need:
– A WordPress Account
– A Picture or Two
– A Strategy
– Interesting Content
– A Creative Mind

Tips For Your Blog:
–  Get Some Great images for your blog. I love using the tool CANVA is cool and free as well.
–  Make a strategy. How many times will you post?  How will you get people to your site? What will you write about?
–  Read about “Best Practices for Blogging”

Steps to starting  your Awesomely Awesome Blog!
1. Go to and sign up for a WordPress account. Setup your information including your new site.wordpress
2. Once you’re all signed and setup, go to My Site in the top right hand corner.wordpress-2
3. From here you can click on “Start a Blog Post” and write your first blog.
4. You can change the look of your website by going to “WP Admin” at the bottom of the links. wordpress-4
5. Select Appearance > Themes. Choose your theme and activate it.wordpress-5

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